Alison McAlpine

Filmmaker and Writer







Cielo (working title)

In northern Chile, in the Andean mountains and the Atacama desert where you will encounter more observatories than anywhere on earth, the night sky has a beauty and intensity, an infinity that is extraordinary. Here you will find planet hunters, international teams of scientists competing to find exoplanets and mirror earths beyond our solar system where life might evolve or already exist.
       Below these billion dollar observatories, mammoth beasts that nightly crank and turn and chase the mysteries of the universe, are the valleys, mines and seaside communities of northern Chile. This area and its inhabitants are alive with fantasmas (duendes, el diablo, la llorona etc) and a belief that the sky above holds and often reveals OVNIS (UFOs) and evidence of other mysterious worlds.
       “Cielo” will be my personal, cinematic, poetic, humourous and unofficial journey to reveal and discover our relationship to the night sky. Most of us on this earth almost never see the night sky, and when we do it has nothing like this clarity and purity, this quality of seeing ideal for astronomy, this crazy energy of wonder and limitless freedom. How do the planet hunters in their observatories see the night sky? How about the people who live in the valleys, mountains and by the sea below? How can the night sky change our perceptions, our way of understanding and seeing the universe and our world?

See In Development to view recent photographs from “Cielo”.