Alison McAlpine

Filmmaker and Writer







Selected Reviews of Cielo

❝ Cielo: A beautiful film !! Photography, sound, structure, subject matter - enough to lift the spirits out of any earthly trough. A moving film in all senses of that word.❞
—Walter Murch

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Selected Reviews of Second Sight and BBC Commissions

❝ ★★★★ Glorious … intimate … a grand tale with a misty-twisty Gaelic quality. ❞
John Griffin, Montreal Gazette

❝ … a gloriously good, gorgeous documentary … It's about storytellers, ghosts, apparitions and the haunting, haunted landscape … it's stunningly good. ❞
John Doyle, Globe and Mail

❝ Pick of the Day ❞  or  ❝ Critic's Choice ❞  in every major U.K. newspaper

❝ Delightful … The filmmaker mixes footage of the gorgeous and haunted Skye landscape with super-natural lore gleefully recounted by the island's older inhabitants, such as the octogenarian ex-preacher Donald Angus MacLean, who introduces us to some of his equally idiosyncratic friends … ❞ —Walter Addiego, San Francisco Chronicle

❝ … it’s magical … a beautifully crafted visual layer of landscapes and journeys … ❞ —“Very Hot Docs: The Hot Docs Festival’s Excellent Film Experiences”, Ben Kempas, DOX, European Documentary Film Magazine

❝ … a memorable, genuinely haunting film … Alison McAlpine weaves an extraordinary spell … ❞ —Damien Love, Glasgow Herald

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